SMOKE-ASH is not just an online store, it:

1. Actual availability of goods
2. Only original brands
3. Guarantee of quality of goods
4. Return guarantee
5. Competitive prices
6. Always in touch
7. New items

We value our customers, SMOKE-ASH name and image. Our main goal – to satisfy customers' requests for quality and price as much as possible. it is important to us, so that you become our regular customers and confidently advise SMOKE-ASH to your friends and acquaintances. We know, what the best advertising – this is a grateful recommendation. We do not make loud promises. We work well and want to work even better, after all, you can't buy trust for money. We currently have a wide selection of flavors hqd Elf bar 800/1500/NC1800/2000/2500/3600, VAAL 1500/1800M/1800L, which you do not often meet, especially at this price.

We wish you successful shopping!

Delivery and payment

Prepayment to a bank card, which is displayed after placing the order. The phone number is also indicated there, where you need to download a screenshot of the Viber or Telegram payment. The operator will answer with 10 to 16 at Mon-Sat.
Delivery is carried out by new mail according to its tariffs. Cash on delivery is possible, cash on delivery commission 20 UAH + 2% of the amount. When ordering from 5 to 19 PCS. including – delivery at the expense of the store.

Access to the Site

Access to the Site is provided only to Buyers, which meet the following criteria:

– They were fulfilled 18 years;
– They are consumers of nicotine-containing products;
– They live on the territory of Ukraine;.

Receiving the goods

Upon receipt, carefully examine the product, make sure there is no visible mechanical damage. If the branch operator allows – make sure the product is functional. If you encounter problems, call the phone number (067) 617-15-75 or (067) 619-61-50

Why electronic cigarettes??

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits of modern people. It affects health, causes fertility problems and shortens life span. But electrons cause much less harm to health. They last much longer than regular cigarettes, and at the same time they are compact and convenient. The variety of flavors is amazing – from ordinary tobacco, to exotic berry-fruit mixes and candies. Also, pods do not have that unpleasant stench, but only pleasant, light fragrance, which quickly weathers.


Brand TQS, founded in October 2019 year. The primary importance of the TQS brand: "It's time to quit smoking, to lead a healthy lifestyle” using HeatNotBurn products for harmful effects. Natural TQS stacks may perform health-preserving functions for the foreseeable future.
TQS stacks are MSDS certified for PG, TQS, MSDS for nicotine, MSDS for PLA filter, FDA and RoHS certificates for material safety. They are nicotine free, harmful heavy metals and fumes.
Brand TQS, now remains one of the leaders in the field of healthy alternative cigarettes, whose products are exported to more than 23 countries in the world, such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Czech Republic.


VAAL is new, but a leading vaping brand, specializing in the production and wholesale of disposable systems. Based on many years of experience in the field of vaping, the brand aims to help customers transition from smoking to vaping with simple and convenient disposable containers. There are different types of disposable products from 500 to 10 000 puffs, including disposables, that are rechargeable, disposable with adjustable air flow, etc.. VAAL pods are great for those, who is vaping or trying to get into vaping. Our VAAL disposable cigarettes offer a better alternative to nicotine consumption compared to combustible cigarettes. The products of this brand are known all over the world. It attracts buyers with its high quality and constant updating. And the indicators of vapes of this brand can be considered standard. Full brand name – Shenzhen Joye Technology Co., Ltd. For their incomplete 15 years of existence, this company has taken leading positions on the market. It produces electronic cigarettes, as well as accessories for them and fluids for refueling. In its arsenal, several plants have their own quality control departments, and even research departments. To date, the company has patented more than 50 inventions and brands.

Elf bar

WITH 2018 Elf Bar has been working on an innovative product with a smart heating system. Every year we discover the need for natural taste and healthier ways to consume cigarettes.
To get a better taste and deliver a repeatable experience to our customers, products obey the keyword Elf Bar: healthier and better. After thousands of experiments, we found methods of manufacturing our products from the least harmful materials, pure taste and delicate design, just for that, to present products to you, which will exactly meet your needs.
Elfbar strives for product innovation with an intelligent heating system, as we discover the need for natural taste, and healthier ways of vaping are flourishing every year. For better control over formula and puff to deliver a repeatable experience to our customers, products obey the keyword Elfbar: warmer and better. After thousands of tastes and experiments, we found ways to make our products with safe materials, pure taste and delicate design, just for that, to present products to you, which will exactly meet your needs.